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Rising Above Abuse

Deep inside her courage resides, like a smoldering coal,
the glimmer of a different life, the source of her spirit.
It grows in strength, over time, through experience.
Sprouting roots, it moves toward the surface,
sometimes waivers, builds fortitude, until
with resolution and grit she leaps toward
change, freedom, peace.

Determination hesitates beneath the surface
like seeds hidden from the light.  Fearful of consequences,
a dormant spirit gathers vitality, roots of resiliency grow,
courage flickers, waiting for the right time to ignite.

With resolution she finds strength
never felt before. Rising on this burning power
she breaks through the surface reaching upward
with fortitude, energy, urgency.

Past heartbreaks and despair burn as fuel,
feeding her need for freedom from dread, a hunger for change.
Promise sprouts in her need for relief.  Faith emerges like spring.
Support from others nourishes her pursuit for freedom.
New expectations fill with hope, confidence, trust in herself.

Breaking the cycle, she invests in her future.
Empowered with the ability to change, she equips herself with tools,
discovering authority over her life. 
Aflame with momentum, she invites growth.

Trusting the future her matured beauty blooms.
Discontent plants the seeds of Courage.
Strength ignites determination. Hope nourishes optimism.
Empowerment conceives peace. 


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