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I became an artist late in life.The urge to produce with my hands reared its head and demanded freedom in my fifties.  Life teaches me, while experience furnishes a picture’s emotion.My passion for living is reflected in my paintings.  I use the texture, detail, form and color in my surroundings incorporating them into my art.Paintings stand in line in my mind waiting for my hands to give them life.As the brush spreads color across the board the image immerges into a life of its own.The rich colors and textures of my paintings reflect my close ties to nature and Idaho ’s varied landscapes.  


The interaction between my hands and warm encaustic wax, how it flows and hardens, captured me from the very first time I picked up the brush.The possibilities of expression, including three dimensional pieces, intrigue me.The luminosity of melted and layered wax presents unique perceptions of depth in a painting.The ability to create a wide range of textures offers an exciting variety and versatility to my work.The addition of text, photos, fabric, plant materials and stones to my paintings connects them to humankind and our common struggles and questions about our existence.

I believe that the owner of art should be connected to the piece.By taking a smooth cloth and polishing the surface every month, the painting’s owner becomes part of the work helping it to glow to its full potential.


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